What are the Responsibilities of a Family Law Solicitor?

Spouses, who need help in mediation and advice regarding possible conflicts, should find the most adept family law solicitor. These legal experts are well-versed in a wide gamut of family issues. These can consist of agreements or quarrels between couples; arrangements before and after marriages; international family law; annulments; divorce due to separation and financial matters; family enterprises; child abduction; child support, care and custody; adoption; and, domestic violence.

Responsibilities of Family Lawyers

The tasks of family lawyers are geared towards helping families to cope with domestic problems either amicably or through legal solutions. The most prominent concerns include divorce which entails both husband and wife to come up with decisions that are legally obligatory. This legal expert can help the spouses to look at their assets and find out the most reasonable means of dividing material assets which include properties, cash savings and inheritance.

Child custody is another common case especially after marriage break-ups or divorce and concerns families having dependents. Decisions include physical and legal guardianship like the obligation to pay for the child’s education. On the other hand, adoption cases require the family law solicitor to assist the biological and adoptive father and mother in resolving issues that will benefit the child as well as prepare documents required for adoption.

This family attorney must settle agreements concerning legal separation of parties involved, termination of marriage, impartial division of marital properties, personal assets and liabilities. Legal invalidity of marriage may take place if the marriage is illegal arising from bigamy or any circumstances which may have been present at the time of the marriage. The verdict of nullity declares that spouses were never married although certain countries have amended annulment results.

Family Trusts and Prenuptial Agreements

Family solicitors in London also specialise in family trusts. Family trusts are created to provide children with extensive assets. If the child is not yet capable of managing these properties, it can be resolved by establishing a family trust. The child benefits from the asset although it is managed by a caretaker. Family trusts are both time-efficient and cost-effective. These are viable options to allocation of assets according to the legal certification of the validity of will. Upon the demise of the trustee, assets under family trust are transferred right away to the beneficiaries who need not wait as in probate or the legal procedure of transferring ownership of property from the probate estate to the inheritors.

Trusts, according to the family law solicitor, are categorized according to the following:

  • Fixed Trust in which all heirs are assigned exact proportions for entitlement.
  • Discretionary Trusts identify the beneficiaries while the trustees are awarded judgment regarding the designation of who will get the legacy.
  • Interest in Possession Trust gives a particular person lifetime interest and upon his or her death hands it out to another individual.
  • Protective Trusts are meant to secure capital by providing the beneficiary with interest from the capital while the asset is controlled legally by another party.

According to UK laws, prenuptial agreements are fairly new to the legal system in UK. The family law solicitor can help you assess your legal position and provide modified prenuptial agreement to ascertain that your assets in case of divorce are protected by divorce courts.