Choosing a UK Solicitor

Every year, there are more than 14,000 UK solicitor applicants and the rate is increasing as the career provides diverse job opportunities and a chance to establish network with reputable law firms and individuals who are recognized in the field of legal service. At some point in your life, you will be needing legal advice, whether you are undergoing a divorce, wanting to buy or sell a house, a car, or any valuable property, or fighting for a petition on accident claims. With this, you must hire a skilled and reputable UK solicitor to address your legal needs. Read on to know more about tips on how you can find the most suitable lawyer for you.

  • Always ask about their credentials. As a basic requirement, your chosen solicitor must have finished a graduate degree on Law from an accredited or reputable university. The institution does not need to be on the top list, but remember the fact that when it comes to law, it is always best if the education acquired is from a university which is recorded to have the highest passing rate in the bar exams.
  • Know about their specialisation. Yes, the quality of education is a must but it does not mean that a lawyer specialising in legal claims can also be consulted regarding divorce issues. Know that lawyers who are specialising in Civil, Criminal, Constitutional, Corporate, or International law cannot interchange their areas of practice or their performance in court proceedings might get affected. Thus, it is best if you consult with a law firm and ask for attorney referrals.
  • Take careful considerations on the costs of your case. Hiring a legal aid in the United Kingdom is really expensive but you are assured that you get what you pay for most of the time. Therefore, the only challenge on your part is how you can cut down on costs depending on your negotiation with the attorney or the law firm. Take note that most lawyers charge as per their appearance in court. This is called their appearance fee. This is apart from other payments called acceptance fees, consultation fees that make up a huge portion of the attorney’s fee. You can arrange the payment scheme with your UK solicitor whether you intend on paying it on a partial basis when the case is through and closed. This way, you can get a discount and the consultation fees might be waived.
  • Look for UK lawyers with whom you are comfortable to work. When you work with an attorney, it is important that you are most comfortable disclosing all the information, some of which might be sensitive. Determine if the attorney of your choice is available during the day or if he specifies an exact time to meet with you. Timing is essential because it affects the manner in which your lawyer will handle your case.

Working with the most suitable UK solicitor based on your needs is important in your desire to win your cause.